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// Universal Driveshaft & Prop shafts

Universal driveshafts are also known as propshafts, cardan shafts and universally jointed shafts but fundamentally they are all the same thing. They normally incorporate two universal joints or hookes joints at either end of a tubular shaft which also has a telescopic spline section incorporated into it to allow for length compensation.

The two universal joints ensure constant velocity whilst running at an angle provided that the angles are equal at both ends. There are limitations to the speed at which they can operate which is dependent on the angle they are operating at. There are also limitations on the operating speed which is dependent on the length of the shaft which has to operate well below the critical speed of the shaft in question. NDE Clarke Pitchline can assist in the correct selection of suitable shafts for your application.

NDE Clarke Pitchline Ltd design, engineer and manufacture high performance driveshafts and drivelines to most configurations and specifications with either S.A.E., D.I.N. or KV  flanges. We also offer our driveshafts with mechanics type joints.

We have made our manufacturing and design facilities uniquely flexible. This means we can cater for urgent one-off production or scheduled large volumes of universal driveshafts and other power transmission components on very competitive lead times.



  • Max Torque: 270,000 Nm
  • Max Bore Size: 230 mm
  • Max Dia flanges: 435mm
  • Extensive range available including Telescopic, Short Coupled, Midship, Jackshaft and Mechanics Designs.


  • A range of standard, adapted or bespoke options available
  • Competitive lead times
  • Suitable for a range of applications in many different industries including Engine Test Beds
  • Can be supplied with companion flanges and fixings as a complete package

Light Duty
Our competitive range of light duty Universal Driveshafts covers SAE range 1140 to 1510. The DIN range covers from 58 mm to 150 mm Flange diameter. This gives a torque transmission range from 150 Nm up to 3120 Nm…Read More


Medium Duty
Our medium duty range of Universal Driveshafts covers the SAE range from 1510 to 1900. The DIN range covers from 120 mm to 250 mm flange diameter. This gives a torque transmission range from 4000 Nm up to 24,000 Nm…Read More


Heavy Duty
Our heavy-duty range of Universal Driveshafts covers the DIN range from 225 mm to 435 mm flange diameter. Face key design flanges are also available. This gives a torque transmission range from 18,000 Nm to 270,000 Nm…Read More


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