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NDE Clarke Pitchline Ltd have specialised in industrial drive couplings since 1969 and have one of the broadest and best developed ranges in the UK.

Coupling variants include:

  • Torsionally soft couplings for dampening torsional vibration and initial shock loads
  • Torsionally stiff couplings for zero backlash and high-torque-small-space applications
  • High Speed couplings for applications that require a high balancing grade
  • Ultra-Heavy Duty for the most arduous and demanding industrial applications
  • Quick Release for fast line switches over or reduced replacement downtime
  • Fail Safe Type Couplings for safety critical applications
  • ATEX approved for T1-T6 fuel vapour or gas rich environments
  • AGMA Standard for ease of interchangeability
  • Fit and Forget or Maintenance Free for reduced maintenance and total cost of ownership reductions
  • Axial Travel type couplings to accommodate substantial machine movements and DBSE variations with one coupling
  • Historic legacy couplings for reduce redesign costs of machine set up

With ISO 9001:2015 Quality systems in place since 1992, the company has evolved with a ‘right-first-time’ approach built in to every job regardless of size or value.

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