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// Mechanical Drive systems

NDE Clarke Pitchline specialises in complete mechanical drive systems for power transmission and motion control for industrial applications that require a high degree of engineering discipline.

Encompassing design, engineering, manufacturing and complete project management, NDE has helped to deliver critical sub-assemblies to complex and prestigious engineering programs.

NDE Clarke Pitchline has decades of experience in the design, manufacture, procurement, assembly, installation and commissioning of complex mechanical drive systems which can typically encompass motors, gearboxes, fabricated base plates and support framework, drive shafts, flexible couplings, support bearings and associated lubrication systems.

Typical industries requiring this service are nuclear, mechanical handling, test rigs, pumping, military and marine sectors who require complete turnkey mechanical drive packages.

NDE Clarke Pitchline has both the design and manufacturing skills necessary to ensure complex mechanical drive systems can be delivered on time and on budget.

Past successes include the supply of a complete mechanical drive system for the Hull Docks flood defence gates which required a combination of shafts, couplings and universal joints to span a distance of 20 metres between the two hoisting chain drive sprockets which raise and lower the flood defence gates.

The Hull Flood Barrier scheme required an innovative approach to the rotary motion and mechanical power transmission element of this landmark project.  A comprehensive application and design analysis was required to guarantee the flood defence system worked whenever required.

Another example of our capability was the supply of specially designed gear coupling drive assemblies for a deck mounted winch system on an oil field support vessel, which had to ensure complete mechanical drive synchronisation of two separate drive packages.

We have recently undertaken work for the UK’s leading aero engine manufacturer, to manufacture 3 complex monocoque drive systems for an aero engine component testing rig. High speed mechanical power transmission was required between a remote gearbox and isolated test rig cell. The monocoque drive system comprised of precision balanced splined shafts, flexible disc couplings, bearings and a jig-bored heavy gauge frame and base plate fabrications. An integrated oil lubrication system and segmented drive elements enabled ease of maintenance and increased projected working life for the mechanical drive system.

Complete mechanical drive systems for:-

  • Nozzle Valve Cooling Actuator Test Rig
  • Nose Steering Test Rig
  • Leading Edge Half Wing Test Rig
  • Variable Camber Trim Unit Test Rig
  • Rail Bogie Test Rigs
  • Power Drive Unit Test Rigs

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