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// Service and Repair

NDE Clarke Pitchline is able to completely repair and restore driveshafts or propshafts to original ‘equipment condition’ resulting in better value for the customer who gains extra life for their component at a much-reduced price.

NDE Clarke Pitchline offers its customers a full free written inspection report before the service or repair of the driveshaft to identify worn components and gain customer approval for the work to be undertaken. In this report the full detailed pricing breakdown of the repair or service is given so there are no hidden extras that are charged once work has commenced.

NDE Clarke Pitchline can arrange Non Destructive Testing on power transmission products including magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic and x-ray analysis if required.

Should it become apparent there are problems with the application causing premature wear and failure to occur, NDE Clarke Pitchline will work with customers to investigate the application and find a solution to the problem which might include adding additional features to the shaft such as grease nipples in all 8 U/J bearing caps or temperature monitoring of pedestal bearings in pump applications.

We are also able to offer driveshafts with two pack epoxy paint finish for highly corrosive environments such as marine or chemical works applications or we can paint shafts in customer specific colours.

We can also carry out a re balancing service where we will check the dynamic balance of the shaft and provide a balance certificate for the customer. We can offer dynamic balancing to G16 (Standard) or G6.3 (Fine Balance) for critical applications. Balancing can be achieved by either adding balance weights or if required by the metal removal process.