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NDE Clarke Pitchline Ltd have the capability to manufacture Rail Traction Gear Wheels and Pinions up to 1000mm in diameter. Offering full traceability of materials, heat treatment processes and machining including full inspection data and certificate of conformity, we manufacture Bogie Wheels and Pinions complete in house from initial machining CNC turning operations through to finish gear grinding.


NDE also offer full inspection and reporting of legacy Gear Wheels & Gear Pinions and work closely with Rail Service Engineers across the UK to determine the condition of the gear sets. Reporting includes full dimensional reports including full gear CMM inspection to enable us to determine with the customer the best scheme of repair or replacement. As well as dimensionally reporting we offer testing of the components including surface hardness testing of gears as well as non-destructive crack detecting.


Typically our customers Rail Gears and Pinions are case hardened and carburised however we can offer other alternative surface hardening and coating treatments to enable a long service life of the components which means a reduced total cost of ownership.


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