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// Metal Industry

From Rolling Mills to process lines, the NDE Clarke Pitchline provides standard, adapted or bespoke coupling or propshaft solutions with the quality and reliability this industry demands.

We have many years of involvement throughout the metals industry. Universal driveshafts, gear couplings, specially splined shafts, space saving high power mill spindles and high capacity gears are designed, engineered and manufactured by NDE Clarke Pitchline for major domestic and international metal producers and OEM’s.

The specification for the metal industry demands flexible lead times and cost efficiency coupled with customised solutions, demanding reliability and ease of maintenance.

In many cases existing driveshafts and gear couplings sourced from previous suppliers have been selected incorrectly, are old or obsolete and replacements are impossible to find.

We can “reverse engineer” these applications and design dimensionally interchangeable replacement driveshafts or gear couplings now featuring state-of-the-art design and materials. This improves life span and performance and eliminates the need for costly redevelopment of the application.