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// Gear Hobbing

NDE Clarke Pitchline offer a comprehensive gear hobbing service for its customers. We can handle gears up to a maximum diameter of 1000 mm with a maximum pitch of 14 mod and maximum face width of 355 mm. We can cut single and double helical gears, planetary and spur gears. We carry a huge range of both metric and imperial hobs.

All our hobbing machines feature a crowning feature and we can crown gear cut up to 1000 mm diameter. We handle both low and high volume batch sizes and can also offer a full gear grinding service.

Our capabilities mean we can gear hob to sample or we can also reverse engineer components if a customer can provide us with a sample of the gear profile they need cutting. We will identify the gear particulars required and then gear hob accordingly.

Cut to print is another option available to our customers, where free issue blanks and a drawing are supplied by the customer and our highly experienced gear hobbing cell will set up and machine following the same efficient processes and high quality ISO 9001:2015 system that we use to manufacture our standard product range.

NDE Clarke Pitchline’s Coventry (UK) design and engineering centre can custom design gears to suit a large range of applications. 3D drawings can be produced with detailed gear geometry data including gear centres, helix angles, face width and pitch with finite element analysis modelling to support the gear design process. Once customer approval has been granted, gear hobbing can be used in the manufacture of spur, planetary and helical gears.


Consistency of quality in gear shaping is maintained by our ISO 9001:2015 Quality System and extensive operator training that allows quality ‘on-machine’ assessment during manufacture with a final QC procedure using CMM accuracy before goods are packed for despatch. This process is further aided by keeping every manufacturing process in house, investment in training and development of operators and a very low staff turnover that contributes to an exceptional gear hobbing skill base.

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