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// Mill Gear Spindles

Gear SpindleNDE Clarke Pitchline are the UK’s leading mill gear spindle providers with the highest rated mill spindle designs in the country. The basic principle of gear or mill spindles is to transmit high levels of torque in restricted space applications.

NDE Clarke Pitchline design and manufacture to our customers bespoke needs and are able to produce special one-offs or volume batches on very competitive lead times.

We have many years experience of manufacturing Gear Spindles with an extensive range of designs including Telescopic Spline Sections, Roll End Couplings and Oil Injection Removal Designs. We have supplied gear spindles for rolling mills, straighteners, flatteners and many other metal industry applications.

We utilise the latest materials technology and surface treatment techniques to give our gear spindles the highest power capacities for the most demanding applications.


  • Torque delivery up to 31,400,000 Nm
  • Bores up to 850 mm
  • Telescopic movement available up to 1200 mm.
  • Roll ends up to 1350 mm diameter
  • Steel components available in grades EN24T, EN40B, EN19, 42CrMo4
  • Various heat treatments available including Case hardening, Gas Nitriding and Plasma Nitriding.



  • A wide range of materials available means spindles can be precisely designed to meet exact mill conditions.
  • Heat treatment can be selected to give optimum life and durability.
  • Flexible designs can accommodate most applications.
  • Computerised gear selection ensures optimum gear design for the application.

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