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Standard Range


Axial Travel Type

Continuous Sleeve Type

Flanged Sleeve Type

Stainless Steel



Standard Range

NDE Clarke Pitchline has manufactured it’s own standard series of Couplings for over 40 years. The first range was the P Series which was first developed in the late 1960’s and was used extensively in the Mining Industry and Steel Industry.

In 2001 the range was completely redesigned and re designated to the High Performance HP Series with much improved ratings and enhanced features such as full face gear design in the flanged sleeves to ensure full engagement with the mating gear hub. This range is covered in our product catalogue which can be supplied upon request, or downloaded from our Downloads page.


Technical Information in HP Range

  • Max Torque: 1,000,000 Nm
  • Max Bore Size: 500mm
  • Max Dia: 1000mm
  • Available as double engagement, single engagement, cardan shaft assembly and disengaging gear type couplings
  • Can be provided either pilot bored or complete with bore and keyway


Features and Benefits

  • A range of designs available
  • Any combination of bores and keyways can be provided
  • Can be designed to be suitable for oil injection removal
  • Can be custom designed or reversed engineered from its original design.



AGMA Gear couplings

NDE Clarke Pitchline offers a full range of AGMA gear couplings. This range is fully interchangeable with other manufacturers gear couplings which is important when trying to replace like for like.

AGMA Gear Coupling


Axial Travel Type

Our HP500 range of High Power Gear Couplings come with Axial Travel as standard. High axial travel tolerance has been designed into this range of gear couplings. High axial travel capability compensates for substantial machine movement and can increase the reliability of the coupling for the customer.

The two axial travel couplings illustrated have been incorporated into a cardan shaft design. The end user customer wanted one design of coupling to fit into a variety of different positions in their mill which had a number of different distances between shaft ends and the HP500 axial travel design enabled them to achieve this using one design.

This enabled them to only stock one spare coupling which could be utilised throughout this part of their mill regardless of position and DBSE.


Axial Travel Type Gear Coupling



Continuous Sleeve Type

The NDE Clarke Pitchline HP300 Series Continuous Sleeve Type Gear Coupling, offers high performance mechanical power transmission in small drive space applications whilst still offering angular misalignment and axial travel for the most demanding industrial applications.

Continuous sleeve type gear coupling versions, in both single and double engagement form, are available with bolt on seal covers coming as standard.

This gear coupling has a very compact design and is designed for maximum torque transmission in the smallest space margins, which is important for some applications.

The efficient design means that there is the minimum number of components, which gives greater simplicity to our customer’s applications, improving reliability and reducing maintenance downtime.

Continuous sleeve type gear couplings are best utilised in small operating windows and limited space mechanical drive applications but that have very high torque transmission requirements.

Our HP300 series continuous sleeve type gear couplings are in stock up to size 8, however if custom requirements demand a slightly modified version, this can also be catered for with highly competitive prices and lead times.

Cross Section of a Continuous sleeve Type Gear Coupling


Flanged Sleeve Type

Both double and single engagement flanged sleeve gear coupling versions are available up to 500kNm Torque Capacity and 360mm bore diameter.

This type of coupling is capable of delivering the highest torque levels out of our range and because of the extensive design and engineering offers very competitive performance in each size series.

This gear coupling is designed to be easy to maintain and install to increase its reliability within customer’s applications.

Flanged Sleeve Type Coupling



Stainless Steel

Stainless steel versions of our High Power gear couplings range can be supplied with all relevant documentation and chemical certificates.

The stainless steel gear couplings can be used in hostile environments such as highly corrosive atmospheres where acid or seawater may be used. This gives the couplings the long term reliability and service life that all NDE Pitchline gear couplings are designed to achieve.

Double engagement gear coupling with removable seal carriers.


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