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16th September 2019 | NDE sign as Tier 1 suppliers for IESA

NDE have been designated as Tier 1 preffered suppliers for IESA following the success of our work at Rolls Royce and British Steel sites. Over the last 3 years, NDE has supported IESA in delivering significant cost down programmes for spares and new driveline and processing equipment for their end customers. Substantial savings have been made whilst ensuring the components and equipment supplied is right first time.

NDE has also delivered via IESA asset management care and monitoring and servicing a multitude of rotating mechanical driveline parts on Rolls Royce and British Steel sites that IESA support, as part of our site services.

Our site services include the installation, maintenance and MRO of motors, gearboxes, pumps, couplings, driveshafts, fans, bearings and more. The MRO (maintenance, repairs and operations) includes the condition monitoring of each component of the driveline in order to keep track of the thermal signature, vibration and alignment so that we can detect potential issues before they become problems/failures. We work on drivelines with a wide variety of manufacturers and specifications, some of these include:

 - New and MRO of gearboxes including helical, worm, planetary, shaft mounted, helical bevel and geared motor variant types from manufacturers such as:

  • Black Clawson
  • Bonfiglio
  • Brevini
  • David Brown
  • Hansen
  • Radicon
  • Sanatasolo
  • SEW
  • Siemens Flender

 - New and MRO of a variety of different pump types including centrifugal pumps, rotary lobe pumps, progressing cavity pumps, rotary gear pumps, diaphragm pumps, screw pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps supporting manufacturers such as:

  • Lowara
  • Bucher
  • Floweserve
  • KSB
  • Sulzer
  • SPP

 - New and MRO of a variety of different coupling types inlcuding gear couplings, resilient grid couplings, brake drum couplings, disc type couplings, quick release couplings, cardan shaft type couplings, disconnect type couplings, spacer type couplings, rubber block holset style couplings supporting brands such as:

  • Fenner
  • Bibby
  • Centa
  • Esco
  • Falk
  • Renold
  • Holset
  • KTR

 - New and MRO of driveshafts/cardan shafts/propshafts supporting brands such as:

  • Hardy Spicer
  • GKN
  • Welte
  • GWB
  • Gewes
  • Kempf
  • Voith
  • Bailey Morris

Please get in touch if you have any questions or enquiries regarding our site services as we'd be happy to help.


Lowara multi-stage pumps.

Renold worm gearbox new and MRO.

Bucher hydraulic pump.