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Flexset PM rubber block coupling.

10th June 2019 | New Flexset Rubber Block Couplings

The robust and reliable nature of the Flexset rubber block couplings makes them great couplings for a wide range of applications. Applications include pump sets, generator sets, wind energy, compressors, metal works, pulp and paper industry and many more general purpose industrial applications. Contact us now to discuss any enquiries you have about the Flexset rubber block coupling.


  • The veined design of the of hub and driven flange effectively makes it failure free. This is because in the unlikely event of the rubber blocks failing, the coupling will continue to transmit torque on the veins where only the coupling's damping properties are lost. But it allows for the emergency operation of your system saving you from sudden stoppages.
  • The stiffness of the rubber elements shifts the resonance frequencies into non-critical speed ranges. This prevents damage to components down the line and makes the power transmission quieter.
  • The coupling is virtually maintenance-free and requires no lubrication. The elastomer elements are the only parts subject to natural wear. Replacing the elements is very simple since the coupling consists of only three main components. This helps reduce downtimes and associated costs. Lower main­tenance costs optimize your life cycle costs.
  • By using rubber block elements, the coupling is maintenance free and doesn't require lubrication. Replacing the elements is made simple by the fact that the coupling only consists of three parts (not including the set of elements). This helps to reduce down times and the associated costs which subsequently optimises the life cycle costs.

The Flexset rubber block couplings are interchangeable with most other rubber block coupling manufacturers. Please feel free to contact us to discuss if our rubber block coupling parts are compatible with your application as we also offer spares and repairs to suit.

Flexset RB rubber block coupling.

The Flexset rubber block couplings are shock absorbant dampen vibrations.

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