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Redesigning Universal Shafts for a Paper Mill

Redesigning Universal shafts for a paper mill

We were approached by one of our long standing customers in the paper industry to solve a problem in one of their paper mills. They had experienced problems during re greasing of universal joints on universal shafts fitted to their paper machine.

They had found that whenever they stopped the machine for maintenance they had difficulty in attaching their grease guns to the grease nipples which were positioned in the centre of the universal joints. When the paper machine was halted the grease nipples would never stop in line with the inspection hatch in the machine guards. This meant that they had to waste valuable time removing whole sections of guarding just to get to the grease nipples.

We redesigned the shafts to incorporate grease nipples in all 4 bearing caps on each universal joint which meant that a grease nipple was always available for re greasing through the maintenance hatch wherever the machine stopped. This saved our client time and money and with the introduction of a water- resistant grease we also improved the lifetime of the universal joints.