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Redesigning couplings for a steel mill

We were asked by a major UK steel company to look at an application requiring a special gear type cardan shaft.

They had a number of old gear type cardan shafts installed in their mill which varied in length according to the distance between shaft ends. This amounted to 10 different versions of the same unit and this meant that they had to stock a spare assembly for each version of the cardan shaft length. This equated to £20,000 in spares for this line alone.

They asked us to design a special gear type cardan shaft utilising one of our HP500 axial travel gear couplings which could adjust to cover the different lengths required. After carrying out a design study we found that by offering a sleeve with over 150 mm of axial travel movement we could achieve this in just one design.

By designing one unit which covered all the different shaft lengths it meant that they only had to stock only one of the new assemblies to cover the complete range of cardan shaft lengths cutting their stock by over 70% by value.