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  • Universal Driveshafts

    Universal Driveshafts

    We design, engineer and manufacture high performance driveshafts and drivelines for light, medium and heavy duty applications

  • Companion Flanges

    Companion Flanges

    Standard & custom made Companion Flanges supplied as individual components or as assemblies with Universal Driveshafts.

  • Gear Couplings

    Gear Couplings

    We offer standard, adapted or bespoke gear couplings with highly competitive features designed to suit your application

  • Highly Flexible Couplings

    Flexible Couplings

    Designed with varying degrees of stiffness and damping characteristics for individual drive systems.

  • Services

  • Service & Repair

    Service and Repair

    We offer a full free written inspection report before repairing driveshafts or propshafts to original full ‘equipment condition’.

  • Reverse Engineering

    re-engineer couplings

    We can re-engineer couplings or shaft components without the original design drawings when you provide a sample of the component.

  • Torsional Vibration Analysis

    Torsional Vibration Analysis

    A Torsional Vibration Analysis is available during the design stage to identify any noise or vibration problems before manufacture

  • Driveline Troubleshooting

    Driveline Troubleshooting

    We can identify the cause of troublesome driveline problems using our unrivalled depth of application expertise and bespoke software.

  • Machining Services

  • Gear Hobbing

    Gear Hobbing Service

    Our range of hobs can crown gear hob up to 1200mm diameter with a maximum face width of 500mm.

  • Spline Hobbing Service

    Spline Hobbing Service

    We are capable of hobbing spline shafts up to 4250 mm long with a maximum diameter of 450 mm.

  • Gear Shaping

    Gear Shaping Service

    We can gear shape both internal spur gears and internal splines up to 1000mm dia with 200mm face width.

  • Slotting and Keyway Cutting

    Slotting and Keyway Cutting

    We have the ability to slot keyways up to 90 mm wide and up to 450 mm long.

  • What we do

    We offer standard and bespoke mechanical transmission components which can be adapted to suit your specific application. Our range includes Universal Driveshafts, Flexible Couplings, Gear Couplings and Companion Flanges.

    About NDE Clarke Pitchline Ltd

    Our approach is simple: We apply precision engineering and design to suit your exact requirements, coupled with high quality materials and skills. We have an experienced CAD and technical design department and adhere to ISO 9001 – 2000 BSI.

    Application & Industry Knowledge

    An unrivalled depth of application expertise stretching back over 40 years enables us to provide the optimum solution for your power transmission requirements in any industry.